adidas Rockadia Trail Running Shoe Review

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Adidas may not have a huge lineup of trail running shoes, but that doesn’t mean they don’t want to have a lineup. The newly released Rockadia targets this niche, featuring a mesh upper for ventilation, “mud release surface”, special overlays for the upper, and thick foam cushioning. A textile lining designed with comfort in mind complements the foam to provide a pleasing run around the trails. Lastly, adidas brags about the Rockadia being a light, supportive shoe.

We delved into the details of this shoe to uncover the quirks and flaws. What we at Runners Equipped found was that the Rockadia is a durable, trail-specific shoe that works well on the given terrain. At the same time, we discovered that although it was long-lasting, it was heavy and the sizing models advertised were wrong.

In the end, we decided that the shoes warranted a grade of 7/10.

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Right off the bat, adidas’ Rockadia have excellent pricing. These are quite affordable while other trail running shoes have large price tags. For newbies to the sport, these shoes might be a good entrance – they’re at a good price and are of high quality.

Diving into the specifics of the shoes, the Rockadia is most certainly a trail running shoe thanks to the tread.

The tread design of these shoes is aggressive with heavy lugs; paired with a grippy outsole, these shoes run awesome on the trails.

They dig into the dirt and mud, really helping with propelling forward. The outsole is adiWear rubber, which makes it easy to tug and grip at the ground. The mud-slinging outsole works wonders. There’s no slippery foam on the outsole whatsoever – it’s all rubber. That doesn’t happen with every shoe on the market.

Furthermore, the molded foam cushioning and upper are incredibly comfortable. When running through the trails, it’s a struggle to find points or patches where the underbrush was unfriendly to the feet. The cushioning drastically aids comfort on the varying terrain. Also, the cushioning wraps around your feet and hugs tight, there are no annoying loose spots to distract you on your run.

When on the trails, this is especially helpful since the rocks and branches can really dig into your feet. Whilst too much cushioning is a thing, the trails need some.

A thick, durable, long-lasting material makes up the upper on the Rockadia. These shoes really provide protection when out on the trails and can take a beating. Also, despite the thickness of the upper, the shoes are quite breathable too.

While the Rockadia is a pair of niche running shoes, they’re open to more than running. The lugs and comfortable design make hiking in these shoes enjoyable, and walking the trails for a relaxing break is also an option.


Now, no shoe is perfect. The Rockadia is certainly no exception to this.

Here’s a quote from adidas on their Canadian site:

With rugged traction, these men’s trail running shoes offer agile off-road performance in a light, comfortable package. An air mesh upper keeps your feet cool, while synthetic overlays provide added support.” – adidas.

The Rockadia may come with heavy lugs and a thick upper, but the cost is weight. These runners are fairly hefty at 367g/13oz, which is against the above quote. This weight can really drag down performance when you compare it to Altra’s Lone Peak 3.0 or Superior 3.0 which are much lighter. When already having to deal with drained quads and calves after an intense trail run, this extra weight becomes quite noticeable.

In afterthought, the extra weight might be useful to train with, but I’d recommend switching these shoes out for a different set come race day. (Though make sure you’ve trained in the other pair too!)

The biggest con of these shoes is definitely the weight.

Similarly, the amount of material making up these shoes can soak up a fair amount of water. Combined with the already heavy weight, it’s like running with bricks strapped to your feet. Fortunately, they don’t take too long to dry, though they won’t dry by the end of a race.

In the “pros” section, I mentioned that the shoes had a certain versatility to them. Walking, hiking, and running are all options for these shoes. However, the aggressiveness of the tread makes it awkward to traverse on a road or even surfaces. These shoes fit a specific niche: the trails, and only the trails. If you want to train on a variety of surfaces, don’t pick these shoes.

Lastly, the sizing is off! Account for the fact that the Rockadia runs one size smaller when ordering or you might find they fit extra snug – too snug, actually!

Final Verdict of the adidas Rockadia Review:



  • Aggressive and Grippy Tread
  • Thick Lugs for Traction
  • Form Fitting
  • Very Comfy
  • Durable Upper
  • Affordable
  • Good for Hiking


  • Sponges up Water
  • Heavy
  • Targeted Only to Trails
  • Messy Sizing

Adidas’ Rockadia is great for trail runners and hikers. The new release has no predecessors, but works quite well on the targeted terrain. The upper, outsole, and lining all are durable. Do you want long-lasting shoes? The Rockadia might be your choice – and an affordable one at that.

The Rockadia is also coupled with excellent cushioning and is pristine when it comes to comfort. The foam and lining work hand-in-hand to provide the ultimate running experience.

However, the mass amount of material making up the shoes is quite heavy and can become a negative during a race when other shoes would have never provided that issue. “Oh, it’s only 90 grams heavier, what’s wrong with that?” When comparing the Lone Peak 3.0 to the Rockadia, the Rockadia is 33% heavier. A cost of the durable material is making the weight staggeringly larger.

Also, the sizing standards are wrong. The Rockadia runs half a size to a full size smaller than what you think you’re buying.

Despite this, when adding all of this together the shoe deserves a 7/10. It’s great for the trails and has a nice price. A beginner looking to run on the trails would have no problem with these shoes. They fit the niche well and have few flaws. If adidas fixes the weight and sizing issues, they would be near-perfect.

The writers here at Runners Equipped would recommend this shoe to trail running fans.

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